James H. Kelly

James H. Kelly is the founder of fo co mo so, a boutique digital studio in Los Angeles that produces work in a wide range of media from animation and live-action film to interactive and online content. He is an award-winning writer, director, animator and producer who has had work shown at Lincoln Center, BAM, SIGGraph, has collaborated with some of the world's foremost artists, and taught what little he's learned at the graduate university level.


Boxes – co-writer/creator, co-producer, director 20th Century Fox TV
Boxes is an animated pilot produced for 20th Century Fox TV that follows a quartet of disgruntled cubicle dwellers trapped in tiny jobs at a mammoth box-making corporation who are shaped like... boxes.
*private link avaliable on request
M|W 9|11 – creator, animator Aniboom Virtual Studios
Made for the 9-11 It's Been Ten Years project for Gideon Amichay and the Aniboom Virtual Studios, M|W 9|11 is a one minute animated short about what happened on 9-11 to two very familiar characters.
FOUL! Shafted – co-creator, co-producer, director fo co mo so
An episode for the web series FOUL! Basketball is their cover, spying their game. Unfortunately, they suck at both.
This is Not a Film – creator, animator Foundation Magritte – fo co mo so
Created in collaboration with the Foundation Magritte, a 3d animated short that takes us on a surreal ride through the paintings of Belgian surrealist René Magritte.
Videodance – creator, animator Aniboom
An animated video for Radiohead’s song Videotape.
Interfacing the Brain – animator TEDx
An animated exploration of the human brain and the new ways we have of communicating with it. Commissioned by Dr. Gary Wynn for TEDx Potomac.
Pinball 2012 – animator Aniboom
A short-for-shot remake of the Sesame Street classic “Twelve” Pinball counting animation in 3d.
BIPED – technical director, animator Riverbed Group
With Merce Cunningham and Paul Kaiser. Dancers perform live behind a giant projection of gestural drawings mapped onto motion captured data of the same dancers. Widely performed throughout the world including Lincoln Center.
Ghostcatching – technical director, animator Riverbed Group
With Bill T. Jones and Paul Kaiser. The movements of dancer Bill T. Jones were captured, mapped onto computer generate line drawings and projected onto four walls. Shown at FIT.
Hand-drawn Spaces – technical director, animator Riverbed Group
With Merce Cunningham, Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar. Motion-captured hand-drawn figures perform intricate choreography in 3D. Premiered at SIGGRAPH, it was recently designated a “masterwork” by the NEA.
Robert Wilson: Visionary of Theater – programmer, animator Riverbed Group
With Paul Kaiser as part of the Riverbed Media Group. An interactive, multimedia documentary of the early works of experimental theater artist Robert Wilson, “Visionary” creates an interactive landscape as varied and haunting as Wilson’s own work.
Keith Haring Interactive – programmer, animator With the Riverbed Media Group and the Keith Haring Foundation. An interactive cd-rom where people mix and match Keith’s drawings to create their own.
Agile Mind – programmer, animator, designer A suite of interactive, online teaching tools.
DKNY The Fragrance – animator, designer Created the interactive, point-of-sale kiosks that captured the “urban floral” feel of the DKNY fragrance.


Columbia University – adjunct associate professor of new media Taught graduate seminars and practical classes in Interactive Design, Digital Music and Animation.